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Extractivism and Transition Research Online Dialogues

ETROD is an online format that started in 2020. Every month we invite an academic to discuss her current work (e.g. paper (drafts), book chapter or else) that broadly connects to our overarching theme. As this is a dialogue rather than a standard presentation format, we circulate papers in advance and encourage our audience to engage in a conversation after an input from the author. This way, ETROD aims at rendering concepts more precise and critically engages with theories and methods related to resources and de/resourcification processes and the conditions and consequences of current resource transitions.

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Upcoming ETROD Sessions


Sep 19th – tba
Oct 17th – tba
Nov 21st – tba

Past ETROD Sessions


Jun 20th 2024 – Jens Soentgen, Universität Augsburg, Germany: Die moderne Chemie als Fortsetzung der Alchemie. Eine wissenschaftshistorische Umkehrung
May 16th 2024 – Simone Müller, Universität Augsburg, Germany: Toxic Timescapes
Apr 18th 2024 – Benjamin Steininger, TU Berlin, Germany: Catalysis – A Molecular Planetary Technology
Jan 18th 2024 – Stuart Kirsch, University of Michigan, US
Feb 22nd 2024 – Christiane Schürkmann, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany


Oct 19th 2023 – Rita Kesselring, Universität St. Gallen, Schweiz
Nov 16th 2023 – Peter Newell, University of Sussex, UK
Jun 22nd 2023 Kali Rubaii: War is a Toxic Relationship. Finding of US Empire in Iraq
Mar 23rd 2023 Joshua Reno: The Wrong Stuff: Orbital Space Debris as Problem and Possibility
Feb 16th 2023 Andrea Ballestero: Water, Future Histories, and their Casual Politics
Jan 19th 2023 Jan Robert Pijpers: In-depth geopolitics between socio-spatial arrangements and the politics of verticality

Nov 17th 2022 Laura Watts: Energy at the End of the World
Sep 20th 2022 Beril Ocaklı: Situating extractivism in post-Soviet geographies. The un/making of Kyrgyzstan’s gold rush
Jun 23rd 2022 Anna Frohn Pedersen: Artisanal gold mining in Tanzania: filmic and ethnographic explorations of hope and uncertainty
Apr 28th 2022 Sandro Mezzadra: Excavating contemporary capitalism
Mar 31st 2022 Sean Field: Carbon capital: the lexicon and allegories of US hydrocarbon finance
Feb 24th 2022 Vincent Ialenti: Deep time reckoning

Sep 23rd 2021 AbdouMaliq Simone: Dirty computing: urban production at the end of the line
Aug 19th 2021 Gargi Bhattacharyya: Mutations of racial capitalism
Jul 15th 2021 Havard Haarstad: Populism, instability, and rupture in sustainability transfromations
Jun 17th 2021 Timothy Moss: The material politics of urban water infrastructure in historical perspective
May 20th 2021 Bathsheba Demuth: The climate of change: colonization, reindeer calories, and northern extraction in Alaska and the Soviet Union
Apr 15th 2021 Gökce Günel: Spaceship in the desert
Mar 18th 2021 Andrea Muehlebach: Finance structures: water, time, debt
Feb 8th 2021 Dominic Boyer: Infrastructure, potential energy, revolution
Jan 11th 2021 Per Högselius: Resource transnationalism

Dec 14th 2020 Christina Schwenkel: The current never stops: intimacies of energy infrastructure in Vietnam
Nov 9th 2020 Jaume Franquesa: Resources: nature, value and time
Oct 12th 2020 Gisa Weszkalnys: A doubtful hope: resource affect in a future oil economy
Sep 14th 2020 Jamie Cross: Life after chemistry or a carbon anthropology