19.09. — 26.09.2021

Summer School: Post-Carbon Futures. Cities, Industries and Energies in Central Europe

energy transition central Germany

Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg


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I. Energopolitics and urban industrial entanglements, convener Felix Schiedlowski (Halle)

Field trip: Post-socialist and post- industrial urban entanglements Tour of Halle-Neustadt

Post-Socialism, class and time in Estonian and Kazakhstani mining communities
Lecture and discussion with Eeva Kesküla (Tallinn University)

Notions for nuclear energy / city entanglements
Lecture and workshop with Siarhei Liubimau (EHU Vilnius)

Field trip: Energizing the city – post-carbon futures of Halle tour in municipal utilities Halle

II. Energy pasts Energy futures convener Felix Ringel (Durham University)

Energy, Society & Time Workshop with Felix Ringel (Durham)

Exploring and Comparing Energy Pasts and Futures Workshop with Felix Ringel (Durham)

Physics: Circular Economy of light Elements- what’s next? Interdisciplinary conversation with Ralf B. Wehrspohn (Halle)

Energy dilemmas
Lecture and workshop with Mette M. High (University St. Andrews)

Dirty computing – urban production at the end of the line
Lecture by Abdou Maliq Simone (University of Sheffield)

Film screening with Werkleitz e.v.

III. Lanscapes of coal, convener Tobias Holzlehner (MLU Halle)

Field trip: Active open-pit lignite mine in Profen

Picnic at a former Cold War bunker and flooded lignite mine, Klobikauer Höhe, Geiseltalsee

Ethnographies of late industrialism Workshop with Tobias Holzlehner (Halle)

Walking and talking through ruins
Workshop with Amy Walker (Cardiff/Halle)

Field trip: Exploring the multiple pasts of a forestscape, Dölauer Heide

For further questions please contact julia.kuehl@zirs.uni-halle.de

Organised by Asta Vonderau, Felix Schiedlowski, Tobias Holzlehner, Anastasia Klaar, Florian Bortic, Matthias Diem and Julia Kühl at the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Regional Studies (ZIRS) and the Institute für Strukturwandel und Nachhaltigkeit (HALIS) at the Martin- Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, in cooperation with CityIndustries Research Network, Felix Ringel from the Department of Anthropology at Durham University and Siarhei Liubimau from the Department of Social Sciences at European Humanities University Vilnius

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