Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ilkhom Soliev

Head of the Chair for Environmental Sociology
Director of the Social Learning & Environmental Governance (SLEG) Lab
Directorial Board Member of ZIRS

Emil-Abderhalden-Str. 26-27
06108 Halle (Saale)
Room E.14.0
+49 345 55 24 249

Reichardtstraße 6
06114 Halle (Saale)
Room 01.1
+49 345 55 24 177

Email: ilkhom.soliev@soziologie.uni-halle.de

© Ilkhom Soliev

Research interests

  • Environmental social sciences, resource governance, institutional economics
  • Path dependence and transformations towards equitability and sustainability
  • Change in values, behavior, norms in relation to nature, biodiversity, climate, forests, transboundary waters, groundwater
  • Commons, property rights, collective action
  • Institutional-discourse analysis, experimental surveys, experiential behavioral games for sustainability

Research projects

Selected publications

Soliev, I., Franklin, A., Zolyomi, A., Smith, B. & Brown, G. (2023). Directory of key methods most suitable for biodiversity decision-making contexts. (Report No D2.1). Project 101082212— PLANET4B. Brussels: European Research Executive Agency.

Soliev, I., Podlaszewska, A., Saydaliev, Z. & Wähler, T. (2023). Urban youth, intersectionality, and nature in Germany. In: Methodological framework for intersectionality analysis. (Report No D1.3). Anita Thaler & Sandra Karner (eds.). Project 101082212 — PLANET4B. Brussels: European Research Executive Agency, chapter 4.3, pp. 31–36.

Schleiffer, M., Smith, B., Frick, R., Bredin, Y., Sabir, G.,Udall, D., Pataki, G., Cooke, G., Singsaas, F., Soliev, I., Czett, C., Bonetti, M., Villa, M., Fitzka, L., Loučková, B., Mendes, V. & Home, R. (2023). Report on biodiversity and related concepts perceptions. (Report No D1.1). Project 101082212 —PLANET4B. Brussels: European Research Executive Agency.

Haller, T. Soliev, I. (2023). Commons and Policy: Compilation of Inputs and Reflections – IASC Europe and CIS Colloquium Series 2022 (1.0). IASC Europe & CIS Colloquium Series on Commons and Policy, Bern, Switzerland. doi/URL.

Gilbert, J., Soliev, I., Robertson, A., Vermeylen, S., Williams, N.W., Grabowski, R.C. (2023). Understanding the Rights of Nature: working together across and beyond disciplines. Human Ecology 51:363-377, doi/URL.

Zolyomi, A., Franklin, A., Smith, B., Soliev, I. (2023). Ecosystem services as the silver bullet? A systematic review of how ecosystem services assessments impact biodiversity prioritisation in policy. Earth System Governance 16: 100178, doi/URL.

Falk, T., Zhang, W., Meinzen-Dick, R., Bartles, L., Sanil, R., Priyadarshini, P., Soliev, I. (2023). Games for experiential learning: Triggering collective changes in commons management. Ecology and Society 28(1): 30, doi/URL.

Soliev, I., Janssen, M.A., Theesfeld, I., Pritchard, C., Pirscher, F., Lee, A. (2021). Channeling environmentalism into climate policy: An experimental study of Fridays for Future participants from Germany. Environmental Research Letters 16: 114035, doi/URL.

Soliev, I., Theesfeld, I., Abert, E., Schramm, W. (2021). Benefit sharing and conflict transformation: Insights for and from REDD+ forest governance in sub-Saharan Africa. Forest Policy and Economics 133: 102623, doi/URL.

Niyazmetov, D., Soliev, I., Theesfeld, I. (2021). Ordered to volunteer? Institutional compatibility assessment of establishing agricultural cooperatives in Uzbekistan. Land Use Policy 108: 105538, doi/URL.

Bunkus, R., Soliev, I., Theesfeld, I. (2020). Density of resident farmers and rural inhabitants’ relationship to agriculture: operationalizing complex social interactions with a structural equation model. Agriculture and Human Values 37(1): 47-63, doi/URL.

Full academic background and professional profile

Chair for Environmental Sociology